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jump off this jersey brdige▽
Burst into flames
Scream in the dark…

Architects // Naysayer [x]


What’s so good about picking up the pieces?


Ahren Stringer of The Amity Affliction // Vancouver 2014.


Hold her as she breaks.
Run your fingers over the shards of her heart.
Feel the life escape from the pieces.
Tell her things will look up soon.

Stand by her side as she rediscovers her balance.
Pick her up by her shoulders whenever she crumbles.
Take her bruised hand in yours and help her walk again.
Give her a voice when hers falters.

Fall in love with the way she laughs all over again.
See galaxies in her eyes.
Dream of running your fingers through her hair.
Remember what it feels like to meet her lips.

Say nothing as she finds someone else.
Tell her she deserves the stars.
Keep it to yourself that you want to explore the skies.
Wait for her to come back to you in pieces.

Let her rest her head on your shoulder when the world shuts her out.
Whisper comforting words into her ear instead of the sweet nothings in your head.
Hope that she will learn to love you again.


"If you die youre completely happy and your soul somewhere lives on. I’m not afraid of dyingTotal peace after deathbecoming someone else is the best hope I’ve got”


I’m probably going to regret this


The Amity Affliction | Don’t Lean On Me.


Of Mice and Men 004 (by JoseCalvo)


Perfect Contrition (Can’t See The Moon)

by Kaethe Butcher


Vic and Tonys synchronized fingers